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Theia Vision Care™ is a local family-owned and operated optometrist office and eye wear boutique in Hartland, WI. With over 10 years of experience in clinical eye care, Dr. Koeck wanted to provide a place in the community where she lives, where taking the time to get to know you and your family to provide personalized direct care is the norm. By removing the barriers between doctor and patient care we can focus on one goal, exceeding your expectations. The Direct Concierge Care model we employ removes third party restrictions that many insurance companies place on the medical services as well as products to be in-network. This approach allows the doctor and staff to wholly focus on you and your family and in turn pass the savings on to you.

We are founded on the belief that the best way to provide outstanding care is to take the time to make each encounter personalized to each patient, while employing the highest quality technology and the best staff. Rather than a technician starting off your exam, you have up to 60 minutes with the doctor for all testing to ensure you receive the care you deserve. Our optician is an expert in face shape, as well as ophthalmic products. With over 20 years of customer experience, our staff will offer the best fit for you, your prescription and lifestyle.

We believe that your family deserves the very best eye care and we are willing to challenge the healthcare system to provide that.

We are proud to be providers in the Direct Concierge Care Movement, which strives to improve healthcare by putting doctors and patient back together, no longer separated by the insurance company.

When doctor’s offices are contracted with insurance companies, prices for care are artificially inflated to compensate for healthcare providers only receiving a percentage, in most cases, a small percentage, back from insurance companies as a reimbursement.  Often doctors will offer additional testing and/or products to help compensate for low insurance reimbursements. Those products and tests are not always covered by insurance, increasing the cost to the consumer.

With the uncertain healthcare market and rising insurance rates, we have set out to simplify how we provide eye care.

All Patients are Welcome

All patients are welcome regardless of what insurance plan you may have.
We often hear that it is difficult for patients to find a quality eye doctor that takes their insurance plan.  Some insurance companies are difficult to work with and/or provide little-to-no reimbursements, so some optometrists are reluctant to become in-network.  If you are finding it difficult to find a quality eye care provider that takes your insurance, look no further.  Please contact us and use your out-of-network benefits.

If you already have insurance, you can file for out-of-network benefits and receive your reimbursement directly to your home.

We have lowered our prices across the board to help make getting routine eye care more affordable. Click here to view our transparent pricing.

Access to the Doctor

With the Direct Concierge Care model, our patients are able to spend the time they need to get a quality exam with Dr. Koeck. Every patient is unique and so are the eye care needs. Dr. Koeck blocks 60 minutes with patients for the annual eye exams. This is the patient’s time to voice any vision concerns and provides Dr. Koeck time to really understand the patient’s lifestyle needs and priorities. This does not mean that all exams take the full 60 minutes, but that time is reserved for the patient.

Often, eye doctors are pressured to see more and more patients, decreasing patient time with the doctor. You should never feel like the doctor was just in and out or didn’t have time for your questions. Quality patient care takes time and with Direct Eye care and Concierge Care we can provide that and much more to our patients.

Affordable Pricing that is Transparent

With the Direct Eye care and Concierge Care model, we have lowered our prices to make it more affordable to get to quality care for you and your family.
Like most consumers, we don’t like hidden fees. All of our rates are posted on our website and can be found here.

If you have insurance you may have your out-of-network benefits and we are happy to provide a detailed receipt so you can follow up with your insurance company for a reimbursement.

All Eye Related Visits, Comprehensive Exams, Contact Lens Evaluations, Medical Visits and Follow-Up Visits Included. Period.

With Concierge Direct Care you pay a yearly fee per individual or two people or family and all of your care and services are covered. Kiddos need back to school exams? Covered. Husband got something in his eye while mowing the lawn and needs a doctor to get it out? Covered. Your allergies acting up and eyes are unbearably itchy? You want to try those contact lenses that let you see far and near without reading glasses? Covered. All of the visits, follow-up and even contact lens trial lenses are included. No questions asked period. Follow-up visits are included free of charge, for any medical office visits including eye emergency visits. This is one of the many ways that our Direct Concierge Care model can really save you and your family money. Most insurance companies require that in-network providers charge their patients for any follow-up visits related to a medical office visit. Even with your insurance benefits, co-pays for these visits can cost upwards of $100+ per follow-up visit (depending on your individual plan). If you need to see Dr. Koeck for a medical eye exam (pink eye, something embedded in your eye, etc.) you pay one price and all your follow-up visits are included. PERIOD.

Only the Best Eyewear and Lenses Backed by our One-Year Warranty

We only work with the best lens labs to provide the best quality lenses for our eyewear. Some vision insurances require that optical shops use only their designated labs. Dr. Koeck has worked with such labs in the past which resulted at times in the lenses and the customer service not being up to our high standards. Since we are not constrained by these rules we are able to offer BOTH high quality service and products and pass the saving on to you! With Direct Concierge Care, we are able to use the best lab of our choosing to ensure that your lenses are of the highest quality.

Our one-year warranty applies to every pair of glasses and lenses at no additional cost. We will replace your lenses or frame up to two times at any time during that one year period.  The warranty covers everything, but loss or theft. Simply, bring in the damaged eyewear and we will replace it no questions asked.

No Pressure Environment when Deciding on Eyewear

At Theia Vision Care™, we have always had a no pressure policy when it comes to eyewear. Dr. Koeck provides a copy of your prescription at the conclusion of every annual eye exam.  Our staff will provide eyewear options only after getting your permission. We are also thrilled if you bring in a current glasses prescription from elsewhere to help you with eyewear selection. Doctor Koeck loves glasses, has chosen beautiful and comfortable frames for her boutique and has spent over 3 years as an optician at a private practice before starting optometry school. You may even find her in the optical in between exams helping you with any questions you have. Our expert Optician, Blissful Story is also there to make you feel beautiful and help you pick the best options for you to see your very best. At the end of the day, we want you not only completely satisfied, but thrilled with your new eyewear and with the whole experience.

Ability to use Your Flex Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA)

Theia Vision Care™ is a full-service medical eye care practice. With our Direct Concierge Care system, we can accept payments from both FSAs and HSAs. Prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses are medical devices which can also be applied to both FSAs and HSAs. If you have use it or lose it money on either of these accounts, consider using those funds for a new pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses.

Concierge Service

We offer yearly payment options with our unmatched Concierge Care Service
that includes all, yes all, no questions asked, all of our services.

With 1 year service membership – 10% benefit toward products.