Theia Vision Care™


Theia Warranty effective January, 1 st 2019
Protect your eyes – and your purchase

Your new glasses are warrantied to be free of manufacturer’s defects, which includes workmanship and materials, for one year from date of purchase.
Scratching is a normal result of use and is not considered a defect. Breakage by use or loss is not covered. If you need more coverage, consider our One-Year-Protection-Plan.

Theia Vision Care™ One-Year-Protection-Plan
Our One-Year-Protection-Plan covers a one-time replacement or repair of broken, bent or damaged eyeglass frames or eyeglass lenses. This covers a complete pair of
frame and lenses purchased at Theia Vision Care.

You can purchase the plan when you pay for your glasses, or up to 30 days after the date of purchase (for undamaged glasses)- The cost is $59

  • Current prescription must be valid at the time of replacement of lenses.
  • Warranties do not cover lost or stolen eyeglasses.
  • Any replacement lenses must be the same prescription as the original
  • Replacement frames must be the same frame as the original. In the event the identical frame is no longer available, a replacement frame of equal or lesser value may be chosen.

If an identical replacement frame is no longer available we will contact you regarding alternates. We cannot provide a warranty replacement frame until we
have the return of your damaged frame. Replacement glasses cannot exceed the retail value of the first pair of eyeglasses, and must be the same prescription. If
the replacement pair has a lower retail value than the original, no refund will be issued.

What is not covered by warranty?
Damage caused by modifications or repairs not performed at Theia Vision Care
Loss of eyewear
Stolen eyewear

Free lifetime adjustments and cleaning
Eyeglass components become loose, bent and generally dirty under normal wearing conditions.  Consequently, if you purchase your glasses from Theia Vision Care™, we offer free adjustments and ultrasonic cleaning for the lifetime of your glasses. We will also replace most nose pads at no charge as needed.

Exclusions and Restrictions
Our product warranty does not cover loss or theft. All broken pieces must be returned to take advantage of the warranty.  Theia Vision Care™ is not responsible for breakages during adjustments or repairs on all frames that are out of warranty, or were not originally purchased at Theia Vision Care™.