Theia Vision Care™

Community Connections

We support our community by investing in the small businesses in our neighborhood, and you should, too! You never know what you may discover…

When you come in for your eye exam, stop by Birch and Banyan just across the street for a cozy cup of Anodyne coffee or a quick bite.

Feel confident in the care you provide for your aging parents, spouses, and other loved ones by seeking your information and support from a reliable, leading senior care resource at

Enlist the help of marketing expert Claire Lauer of CL Content Marketing for content marketing and strategy to help reach the right audience, find your voice online, and capture attention for your small business.

Treat yourself at Craig Berns Salon Spa where you’re sure to leave looking and feeling your best thanks to their team of talented, experienced, and passionate stylists, makeup artists, and estheticians.

Look local and level up your meal plan with Dinner By David: a culinary grade personal chef focused on providing nutrition, seasonality, and happiness across a variety of cuisines with weekly meal services and private dinner parties.

Take your family’s health into your own hands with pure essential oils that harness the power of nature from doTERRA.

If you’re in a pinch, ease your stress in knowing you’re taken care of by our trusted providers by ordering glasses from Proper Optics and contact lenses from WVA online – the same high-quality, reliable products without leaving your home.