Theia Vision Care™

Theia Concierge Care™

At Theia Vision Care™, the genuine, unparalleled care and comfort of our patients is our highest mission. We are accepting new patients and welcome everyone through our doors, regardless of whether or not you have a vision plan or insurance. We believe that you and your family deserve the best care and we are willing to challenge the healthcare system to provide this, via our Direct Care model. Dr. Anna Koeck, voted as the best eye doctor in Lake Country for the in 2019 and 2021, has established a yearly membership plan that bundles all of her services into one, coveted package called Theia Concierge Care™.

What is Theia Concierge Care™?

It’s a one-year subscription plan that allows clients to pay a single fee for eye care and vision needs for the year. There are no deductibles, no copays, no hidden fees, no surprises, and no questions asked. With the cost of healthcare rapidly rising, this mitigates your risk and dollar output for anything that happens with your eyes. Our elite membership package is valued at over $1,700 per person, but we offer it to our guests for a simple payment of $599. Step confidently into the light with your unmatched quality of service, products, and benefits of Theia Concierge Care™.

Theia Concierge Care™ Benefits:

Up to 4 Major Visits

  • our comprehensive eye exam is the staple of eye care
    • retinal fundus imaging, visual field tests, and functional testing included
    • 6x more time with the doctor to receive the best possible care and have all questions answered
  • we have your back in an emergency with a medical visit
    • 3 medical visit follow-ups are included

a telemedicine exam offers convenience and flexibility

Contact Lenses

  • 1 contact lens evaluation is included
  • enjoy complimentary contact lens trials, accessories, and follow-ups within 60 days
  • extended access to special contact lens rebates and online ordering
  • flexibility to return or exchange unopened boxes


  • a free warranty is included with every optical purchase
    • this applies to lenses-only, frame-only, and complete eyewear purchases
  • enjoy a $25 credit toward all in-store eyewear purchases* on top of current promotions
  • automatically enrolled in the Theia Ambassador Program
    • earn $20 on each referral eyewear purchase to spend on future eyewear purchases
  • there’s no limit on eyewear warranties, credits, or referral benefits

Expanded Access

  • the doctor’s personal cell phone number is provided
  • seek professional help when you need it with 1 after hours fee waiver
  • early access to all sales and promotions

Theia Concierge Care™ starts on the date of payment and is not retro-active. Shall you need them, you’re eligible up to all of the services and benefits listed above – they do not rollover once the package has expired in one year’s time. If you require more services than what’s available to you in the package as listed above, additional discounts apply toward these extra services. Ask us for more information on Theia Concierge Care™ and how you can sign up today.

*some exclusions may apply

Is this insurance?

No; this is not insurance, does not combine with insurance, nor does it replace insurance. We place a lot of value on preventative care. We prefer to stay healthy before anything goes wrong, instead of having to fix a problem that already exists. You get maintenance on your car and change the oil regularly. For a single, transparent fee, treat your eyes as well as you treat your car. This is our approach as part of our Direct Eye Care model, and unfortunately is not the approach of third parties. Our decision making is driven by our patients and guests – not by reimbursement from a third party. It makes more sense for us to charge less to begin with, bypass that process, and give you the savings directly because YOU are our priority and the reason why we do what we do. Follow the link below to learn more about why we don’t work with insurance companies and how that’s a benefit for the both of us.