Theia Vision Care™

Optimal Time

How much time do I get with the doctor?

Dr. Koeck sets aside up to 60 minutes with patients for their annual eye exam. Those 60 minutes are spent entirely with the most qualified professional, the doctor herself. There are no technicians; you are not outsourced. Dr. Koeck takes the necessary time to discuss your vision, overall health, lifestyle, vocation and avocation needs. This does not mean the exam will take up the allotted 60 minutes, but the time is reserved for you, shall you need it.

When doctors are pressured to see more and more patients, the time spent with each individual patient is decreased and exams are rushed. We refuse to do this. You should never feel like the doctor was just in and out and did not have time to address your questions and concerns. With Theia Vision Care™, you will never have to feel that way again. We always make sure you are provided with the most precious resource – time.

The glasses prescription you get at the end of your exam is only as good as the product you put on your face. That’s why Dr. Koeck has filled our optical with carefully hand-selected products from trusted, well-established companies in the industry. We take pride in our commitment to providing the highest level of care and optimal time with the doctor.

“I took an oath to take care of you, not the financial well-being of a vision insurance plan. For that reason, our decisions and incentives line up with your well-being first and always.”
– Dr. Anna Koeck