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Did you know that eye glasses are a medical device, just like a medication you may take for high blood pressure?  Therefore, they must be prescribed by a doctor.  Your doctor will also prescribe specific products to best fit your ocular needs.  The glasses prescription, measured by the doctor as part of your comprehensive eye exam is only as good as the glasses that end up on your face.  Therefore, it is vital to select the products appropriate for you.

As children grow, their eyes grow, change and may even normalize.  Everything from reading to playing sports is affected by vision.  Is your little one clumsy?  Does she not like to read?  The correct prescription with the correct lenses will make a tremendous difference in how your child’s vision and brain develop.  Since over 80% of brain function is related to vision, best corrected vision is vital to neuro and brain development. You do not see with your eyes, you see with your brain and if the eyes are not sending the message correctly that may cause much difficulty with school, learning, sports, and development.  It is vital to set your children up for success; first, with a comprehensive eye exam and second, with an appropriate pair of glasses.  Not all glasses are created equal and here is why:

  1. Value: What do you wear more than your glasses?  If you purchase a complete pair of glasses yearly, it often works out to a few dollars per day…   That is less than a cup of coffee.
  2. Shatter resistant lenses:  The two material options for glasses are glass and plastic.  Glass is heavy and breakable and is rarely used today.  Plastic lenses have many options and some are stronger than others.  Dr. Koeck only prescribes shatter-resistant lenses to our patients and especially patients under 18 years old.  These lenses have passed rigorous testing and laboratory standards for safety and shatter resistance.
  3. High Definition lenses:  Just like your television, you can purchase lenses that are HD, or not…  For the clearest, sharpest vision, our doctor prescribes digital, high definition lenses.
  4. Anti-glare coating:  About 8% of light that enters the glasses, gets reflected and results in glare.  This makes a tremendous difference in the comfort of your vision.  Overhead lights, digital devices and driving, especially driving at night will all induce glare.  A quality anti-glare coating is a must for each patient to decrease strain and discomfort and provide clearest vision.  Not all anti-glare coatings are created equal.  The one we choose is baked into the lens itself (rather than just being applied to the top).  If you have ever seen glasses that look like they have wrinkled saran-wrap, that is a lesser quality anti-glare coating starting to craze.
  5. Ultra-violet light filter.  Your wear sunscreen and put it on your kids, but did you know that today all digital devices such as computers, I-Pads and smart-phones emit UV light.  Did you know that LED and energy efficient lights do as well?  This is the same UV light that causes cataracts and cancer.  Every pair of glasses must therefore, have a UV filter.  Not all UV filters are created equal.  The one we choose, absorbs UV light, rather than reflecting it and therefore eliminates over 85% (vs. only about 20%) of UV light.  Dr. Koeck believes so strongly that everyone needs this in their glasses, that when you purchase a complete pair of glasses at Theia Vision Care, we provide the best UV-filter which costs $129, for FREE!
  6. Thinner lenses: Based on your prescription the doctor may advise a thinner lens, to minimize weight and thickness of the glasses.
  7. Measurement:  As a medical device, the glasses must fit the center of the eyes, both vertically and horizontally.  Our doctor and staff will take all of the measurements to ensure the correct prescription is provided.  If you choose to purchase glasses elsewhere or on-line, at best, only one measurement is taken.  This means the fit of the glasses may not be correct, which means you are not looking through the correct prescription.  Wearing the wrong prescription can be more damaging than not wearing the glasses at all.
  8. Education:  We are here for you.  Dr. Koeck will often personally take the time to answer your questions, both from the exam and optical side.
  9. Warranty:  Ask us about our one-year warranty.
  10. Types of Lenses: You may be prescribed lenses for different activities, such as driving or reading.  Based on your exam findings, lifestyle and needs, Dr. Koeck may prescribe different options of glasses such as single vision, progressive, bifocal or office lenses just to name a few.  Just like you may have different shoes you wear to the office or to the gym, different options for glasses will fit your lifestyle needs for work, play and every day.  An option that may include both distance and near is a Progressive Lens.  The top of the lens lets you see best for distance and driving vision, the middle is best for intermediate distance tasks such as computer work, and the bottom gives the most magnification, relaxing the eyes for reading.  Dr. Koeck prescribes the widest channel progressive lens.  This means that the area of width of clear vision that allows you to move your head and still see clearly, is the widest that it is possible to have.  The progressive lens will always have some distortion on the sides.  However, not all progressives are created equal.  Lesser quality lenses, will have a notably narrower channels of clear vision.  That means that there is a very small area where vision is clear and if you are not precisely in that area, your vision is somewhat blurry.  The wider the progressive channel the more wiggle room you have to be able to move your head and still see clearly and comfortably.

When you purchase glasses from us you do not simply get the prescription, you get confidence that our doctor and staff will stand behind the products and will take personal time with you.  Every. Single. Time.  The prescription is not worth much if the glasses that end up on your face or your child’s face are not doing the correct job for both vision and brain development.  We are confident you will be thrilled with our products.  However, we understand that you have a choice of health services and products.  Wherever you choose to go, please ask about all of the options presented.  We are happy to answer any additional questions in person at our Hartland, WI location at 213 E. Capitol Dr. or via phone at 262-361-0022.

~We provide Eye Care Because We Care

Dr. Anna Koeck