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Sunglasses and UV: Looking Good and Feeling Better!

  • by: theiaAdmin
  • April 24, 2018

Sun’s out guns out! Only in Wisconsin can you rock out shorts and sandals in the 60-degree sunny weather as you walk by snow banks. True story! My 2-year-old son was sporting snow boots and a t-shirt. So, what?! It’s a look!… But, if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes. It’s time for fun in the sun and that means sunnies! Last week we discussed protecting yourself from Blue Light, which is emitted by electronics, overhead lights, energy saving lights, LED lights and, of course, the sun. The sun also emits various types of light, including light that is outside of the visual spectrum. We cannot see or interpret it as a color such as the colors of the rainbow. However, partly because of that, that type of light is particularly dangerous and leads to the destruction of ocular structures over time. Furthermore, it contributes to ocular diseases such as macular degeneration, which is a disease that takes away central vision and may cause blindness. Blue light, UVA and UVB are just some examples of types of damaging light that sunnies can block out.

In addition to keeping you healthy we believe in the power and importance of looking good. It is easy to see from Jackie O’ and Audrey Hepburn to Bella Hadid and oodles of celebrities and rock stars in between, the quickest way to look glamorous with zero effort is to throw on a glamorous pair of sunnies. If you feel like stepping up your game with some red lipstick, wowza, you are winning at life! Looking beautiful, feeling comfortable, seeing well and keeping your eyes healthy over time are all equally important here at Theia Vision Care. Therefore, lets review some options that we offer at Theia for both glasses and contact lenses to keep you looking good, feeling good and staying healthy.

Did you know that SOME contact lenses can filter out UV? Not all contact lenses are created equal, so ask your eyecare professional which option is right for you. We will go into more detail on the contact lens fitting process and outstanding options and products we offer in a future blog. Check in soon and in the meantime, call 262-361-0022, we are accepting new patients now.

Rock out some gorgeous sunnies with good coverage. In addition to making you look like a Rock Star in under 2 seconds flat, sunglasses filter out the harmful rays of the sun. Name any make up that can do that, I challenge you. Be careful, remember when mom taught you that you get what you pay for? True that, with sunglasses. You want your sunglasses to be polarized to cut the glare, so in addition to staying healthy, your eyes are able to see clearly. Nope! It is not the darkest sunglasses that help you not to squint. In fact, when they are too dark, it may be more difficult to see. Polarized is the name of the game. If you hunt, fish or boat, I’m preaching to the choir. If not, and you have not heard of polarized lenses check them out and you will never see the world the same. Ha! See what I did there!

Here is a FREE tip for you to figure out whether the glasses are polarized or not. Shout out to my science peeps! Where my Neil deGrasse Tyson fans at? Sun light is emitted in every direction. It scatters, which can cause the giant glare spot bouncing off the windshield and making you squint. Polarized lenses filter light out that is traveling in a certain direction. Think of it as someone folding all your laundry and putting it in a drawer. It is now neatly organized all in a row and you can find what you need easily, rather than digging through a pile for your favorite shirt. Because a computer screen organizes things in a similar way, if you take a computer that is in your pocket (your phone) and turn your sunglasses 90 degrees such that they are perpendicular to that computer screen, the screen will go black and you will not be able to read it. Maybe this has even already happened to you. Have you ever tried to take a picture with your phone while wearing your polarized sunglasses, turned your phone to get a landscape view and had a hard time seeing the screen? If so, you, my friend, already discovered how polarization works. Raise your hand if you heart science!

I personally prefer brown lenses in the sunglasses, vs. grey or another color for example. The colors that you see with brown polarized sun lenses, come through with more contrast; but the conversation on what each color lens does is for a different day.

Also, consider the physical coverage of the frame. Where and how is the frame sitting on your face? Is it physically blocking out light by your eyebrows and sides of your face? If not, your fancy lenses in those glasses are not protecting as much as you want.

And finally, if you wear prescription glasses and are ready for your world to be rocked, get yourself a prescription pair of polarized sunnies. Holy wow batman! You can drive without contact lenses and see better than with them. Come in and ask our optician, who is an expert in face shape, which frames and lenses are best for you.

Did we mention that we carry a variety of gorgeous sunglasses that protect your eyes including Vuarnet mineral glass sunglasses which are the reason the word “sunglasses” was invented! You’ll be in good company with Vuarnet, since Daniel Craig (James Bond) and Robert Downy Junior (Iron Man) sport them, just to name drop a little. Stay tuned, there are more famous names to drop!

From Vuarnet, to Res/Rei, hand-made in Italy and Kate Spade, just to name a few, we have terrific options to choose from. In fact, any frame can be made into a sunglass, as long as it fits you well and therefore provided good physical coverage blocking out the sun as we already discussed. Come in to 213 E. Capitol Drive in Hartland WI, to ask us how. If you have had an eye exam in the last year, simply, bring in your current prescription. If you do not need a prescription, even easier! Just stop in! Or if you are due for an eye exam any way call 262-361-0022, we are happy to schedule you for a comprehensive eye exam.