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Ordering New Glasses

  • by: theiaAdmin
  • April 8, 2020

Even during emergencies, or should I say especially during emergencies, life happens. Even though Theia Vision Care boutique is closed to routine eye care at this time in accordance with CDC recommendations, we are still here for you and your eye glasses needs.

What’s most important to you right now? The health of your loved ones – which is why you should be doing everything in your power to limit COVID-19 spread and lower the risk to those around you of contracting it. One way to prevent contracting the virus is to make the switch from wearing contact lenses to glasses on a daily basis. By avoiding touching your eyes, you are preventing one route of transmission for the virus – just make sure to also avoid touching the other areas on your face such as the mouth and nose!

It’s more crucial now than ever to not only have a pair of glasses, but an additional or backup pair as well. Unfortunately, we find ourselves in a time in which you simply cannot run out to the eye doctor’s office for a frame repair job if you accidentally sleep with your glasses on and wake up on top of them, your toddler tears them apart like a bunch of legos, or your dog finds a new chew toy. It’s at this point that you may find yourself turning to the internet for quick and easy spectacle options. I am here to tell you that you don’t have to wander out on your own into the great unknown of online glasses retailers and risk wasting your hard-earned income on a low quality product. You deserve better than that.

Let us help you out by pointing you in the right direction: buy glasses from a trusted partner of ours, Proper Optics, for high quality frames and lenses at an affordable price. Don’t wait until yours break and you have no spares! We have personally vetted online glasses ordering options and can confidently offer Proper Optics as an excellent choice. It’s also the only online source that offers you free fitting and adjustment by our expert staff to ensure the best look, and the best vision. Please follow the attached link, or the button at the top of the home page, to make sure you work with a Theia-approved vendor and aren’t redirected elsewhere.

With their versatile collection, including children’s frames, you’re sure to find your perfect fit. Not to mention, they have a virtual try on feature which allows you to see what you’d look like in each pair of glasses. From color, to eye shape, to temple details, you can see it all!

Agio 20
Apic 70

If you are ordering glasses from Proper Optics and need…

  • help figuring out your measurements,
  • an extension on your glasses prescription,
  • or have any other questions,

please contact us via email or phone at 262-361-0022 to get assistance.

*Please make sure you have them shipped to you and not to our clinic. Even though you purchased through Proper Optics, since you used a trusted provider, you can still stop by Theia Vision Care for free cleaning and adjustments once we are open again.

Buy glasses here: Proper Optics

With sincerest wishes for your continued good health, we remain at your service.

  • Theia Vision Care Team