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What Makes a Good Pair of Sunglasses?

  • by: theiaAdmin
  • July 5, 2021

As the summer sun gets brighter and stronger, you may realize that you need a new pair of sunglasses. However, you don’t want just any pair of sunnies. Whether you need shades for fishing out on the lake, reading a book in the hammock, or picking out produce at the farmers’ market, you want to make sure that your sunglasses are protecting your eye health. 


The American Academy of Ophthalmology offers a few quick tips that can help you pick out a high quality pair of sunglasses that both you and your eyes will love. 


  1. Block 100% of UV rays – The first thing that you should check for when buying sunglasses is that they block 100% of both UVA and UVB rays. The frames should have a sticker or tag that says they block all UV rays.
  2. The more coverage the better – When looking at different styles of frames, bigger is usually better. You want your sunnies to block as much light as possible from coming in the sides or top. Side shields or wraparounds help provide great protection. 
  3. Darkness doesn’t matter – While it may seem like darker lenses will provide better protection against the sun’s rays, it actually does not matter. Lenses do not necessarily need to be darker to block out 100% of UV rays. 
  4. Color is for contrast – The color of the lenses also does not affect the amount of UV rays being blocked. However, different colored lenses can change the contrast levels. This can be useful for activities such as golfing, fishing, or skiing. 
  5. Polarized lenses block glare – Just because a lens is polarized does not mean that it better protects your eyes from harmful UV rays. If a lens is polarized, it reduces glare bouncing off of surfaces. Polarization is great for driving or activities near water. 


Are your current sunglasses doing enough to protect the health of your eyes? If not, it is time to find some new sunnies. Theia Vision Care values eye health and fashion, so our sunnies provide excellent protection in chic and timeless styles. Stop by to shop our new selection anytime or click here to schedule your next eye exam!