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Ordering Contact Lenses

  • by: theiaAdmin
  • April 2, 2020

Are you running out of contact lenses? Is your contact lens prescription about to expire? Has it already? Do you have other contact lens questions or problems? We have the answers for you, and we have your back.

As of March 17th, the CDC has recommended that all routine eye care be deferred until further notice, in order to slow the transmission of COVID-19 through our community and greater nation. Therefore, we have temporarily suspended all routine eye care until Friday, May 1st.

Please be assured that we are still available to see you while following CDC and governmental protocols via virtual telehealth examinations and in person for ocular emergencies, such as red eyes. Theia Vision Care is dedicated to helping you get through this challenging and stressful time.

What contact lens issues can we help you solve?

  1. I am out of contact lenses. How can I order more?
    1. We can place the order for you if you email or call at 262-361-0022
    2. You can place the order from our website by following these steps:
      1. Go to
      2. Click the button “Order Contact Lenses Now” at the top of the page
      3. Create an account in the “Account” tab
      4. Under the “Select Your Brand” tab, find your brand, type of contact lens, power (prescription numbers), and number of boxes as prompted*
      5. Place the order according to the prompted instructions (i.e. payment and shipping – make sure to ship to your house instead of our office)
      6. Receive contact lens boxes conveniently at your door without leaving your safe home quarantine

*If you are a current patient and do not know your contact lens prescription (yes, it is different from your glasses prescription), please email or call with your name and request, and we will provide you with the information you need.

  1. My prescription is expired, but I need more contact lenses. How can I get some?
    1. We may be able to extend your prescription on a case-by-case basis.
      1. Please email at with your name and request
      2. Dr. Koeck will review your record, ocular health, and history
      3. If your review allows, she will work with you to extend your contact lens prescription to get you through the quarantine period
      4. To order contact lenses with a valid prescription, follow the steps laid out for question 1 above
  1. My doctor gave me trial contact lenses. How do I order a supply of them?
    1. Email us with your name and request.
    2. Dr. Koeck will review your record, ocular health, and history
    3. If the doctor still requires an in-person follow up, based on your case, a temporary prescription may be finalized to allow you to get through the quarantine period with more contact lenses
    4. If the doctor feels that an in-person evaluation is not necessary, she will finalize the script for the full year
    5. To order the contact lenses, follow the steps laid out under question 1 above
  1. I have a contact lens question that wasn’t discussed here.
    1. Email or call at 262-361-0022 with your name and question(s)
    2. We monitor our voicemail on a regular basis, where emergency instructions are also provided if needed
    3. Dr. Koeck will review your record and respond as soon as possible

Order more contact lenses here

Remember that we will all get through this together.

With sincerest wishes for your continued good health, we remain at your service.

  • Theia Vision Care Team